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Prop HH is coming for all of our TABOR tax refunds.

Don’t be fooled, Prop HH is a fake property tax cut. Property taxes will still go up almost $4 billion.1 It does not deliver the relief you deserve.

The cost of Prop HH would be an end to our TABOR tax refunds – money the state is required to refund to Colorado taxpayers.2

With Prop HH, you get almost $4 billion in higher property taxes, and an end to TABOR tax refunds. Call Governor Polis and tell him to call a special session & find a real solution to property taxes.

Governor’s office:
(303) 866-2471
[email protected]
200 E. Colfax Ave., Rm. 136
Denver, CO 80203

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CBS Colorado

Opponents of Colorado's property tax ballot measure call it "deceitful"

“…the ballot language is purposefully deceitful. “This is labeling it like, 'There's money sitting there. Let's give some property relief. Doesn't that sound great?'

What Proposition HH calls "state surplus," most Coloradans call "TABOR refunds." It changes the formula used to determine how much money the state can keep, raising the cap by billions of dollars over the next 10 years while giving…a slight reduction in property taxes. The state assessment on residential property would drop from 6.76 to 6.7.”

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Sources: 1 https://commonsenseinstituteco.org/may-housing-affordability/; 2 https://www.cpr.org/2023/05/08/colorado-ballot-measure-property-tax-tabor-refunds/